Friday, 6 March 2015

remember the voice usa auditions are twice a year now two chances to apply

So the auditions for the voice usa 2015 have just finished and we are now watching the new series on television, but that is not all for this year as far as auditioning for the voice usa go's, because the voice usa is run two times a year now, and so there will be two series this year.

there is the series that is currently running now, which auditions finished in february 2015, and is being televised now, but not so far off the auditions will be starting up again, for another season of the voice usa later this year as well.

it is not known when the auditions will start again for the next season of the voice usa this year, but i will keep this blog updated when they release the details, and keep a look on the voice usa nbctv website, where they put all the up to date information.

so do not worry if you missed the auditions this year, because there is a second chance with there being 2 series each year now, so two chances a year to apply and try out, if you want to apply now, there is another option as well, when applying on the nbc voice website by creating a artist account you can upload a video submission of your singing audition to the website and apply that way, that option is open all year around as well.

so if you want to apply before waiting for the next round of public auditions there is the video submission option as well.

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