Thursday, 9 October 2014

this is some ideas on how to audition for the voice usa 2015

so there is still a little while before the voice usa 2015 auditions start, though not long, it could be as soon as december this year when the open call auditions start again, so there is really no time like the present to prepare, if you are thinking of applying for the voice next year.

so for some people motivation comes easy and they really do not need to look at all the online guides and videos to be able to succeed and be successful at singing competitions, but for the most of us this really is not the case, but not to worry, this just means that you need to work at it more, to try and reach your best, and give yourself your best chance at doing well, so the idea i want to put forward is to look at your weak points and look for information and guides that will help to improve your overall singing performance, but through all that try to keep in the realm of simplicity and not over complicate what you do.

so the voice usa is basically a singing competition, so you are practicing to compete against other singers, but with this in mind, you also want to enjoy the process, and not be stressed out by being in competition mode all the while, the audition process should be fun, so when you go to the open call auditions, yes you are going there to do your best but also go for the experience and to meet new people as well, this way you will be more relaxed, which is important for your voice to be at its best.

so sometimes just simple things are effective, and having the right mind set going forward, and making the process of auditioning more about the journey, rather then seeing it as a challenge is a great way to move forward and that way you will be moving forward with much more confidence as well.

so there is no point going over specifics, because everyone who reads this is different, so to know when you need to be improving you will need to be objective and evaluate your own performance, you can also get friends and family to evaluate your singing as well, to get a real objective view, and another technique is to sing into the mirror as well, and the reason for judging yourself is to find out areas you need to improve on your singing voice and also stage performance and presence.

so these things also take in how you are going to dress and appear before the open call judges like the clothes you will wear, and how you will introduce yourself, so there are lots of areas that are important to have prepared besides just your singing voice, but for each person there specifics are different, so you need to be honest with yourself when looking to improve and finding the areas of your performance to enhance, there are lots of guides on the internet, and also watch old the voice usa audition videos via youtube to see what successful acts did to impress the judges.

so it is not really all that complicated and it is better to just tinker with what you have and not to worry that you need to make radical changes believe in yourself first, and just look for the minor changes that when added together will make up the whole of your stage presence and performance.

so when it comes to the registration process this part is really quite simple, you basically sign up to the nbc voice website, by creating a artist account and choose your audition city and so on, also read the terms and conditions as well, to see what documents and i.d you will need and for information on age restrictions etc, there is also a few options for applying to the voice usa, they have the option to be able to apply via a video upload as well as the open call auditions.

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