Sunday, 7 September 2014

about how the voice usa will be on tv and the ability to apply twice a year

2015 auditions, so the voice usa returns in a few weeks time, and if you are thinking didn't the last season end only a few months ago?, well kind of yes, but the voice usa is on twice a year, 2 seasons each year, so there will have been basically two voice usa 2014 seasons by the end of this year.

so likewise there will be two seasons of the voice usa 2015, so this will give you two chances to audition for the voice usa next year, so the recent set of open call auditions ran from may the 30th until july the 20th, and included the cities/locations new orleans, washington, cleveland, denver and east rutherford new jersey.

but the locations and venues switch up and change slightly for each run of open call auditions, but going by previous seasons it looks like the auditions for the voice usa 2015 will be starting again in december this year and run until february 2015, so they would be starting shortly after the current season that is starting now would be ending.

anyway without getting too confusing, it looks like the start of next years open call auditions will start probably in december again and run into february, so that is when it would be time season 8, because it is too late to audition for the upcoming season 7 which starts on september the 22nd this year, but not too long until the open auditions will open again for next year, with there being 2 seasons a years of the voice usa you really do not have long to wait until open call auditions roll around again each time.


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