Sunday, 27 July 2014

the voice start back time and dates on tv nbc this year

voice 2015 auditions, just looking for when the new series of the voice usa starts back on tv-nbc and according to there youtube page it says that the voice usa premieres on september the 22nd with a start time of 8/7 central time.

this looks accurate and the time that the voice usa will be starting back on nbc, because i have also found/confirmed this on some other sources as well, so look for the new series of the voice usa to be starting on the 22nd of september.

there are new coaches this year or a change in the coaches for the voice usa, with a new judge gwen stefani who has not judges on the voice usa before, and same with another new first time judge pharrell williams.

often returning the voice usa judge christina aguilera is not judging this year on season 7, but is returning to judge/coach next year for season 8 of the voice usa, so she is taking a year out, shakira is not judging this years voice, and also not penciled in for season 8 either so far.

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