Saturday, 5 July 2014

the usa auditions cities and locations with datesand venues

so the last of the auditions for the voice 2015 usa is taking place this month, this is the last chance for the public to audition for the voice usa, below is the details of where this is taking place including the city, location and the dates you need to be there.

so the last audition for the voice is going to be in east rutherford new jersey, new york, on july the 19th to july the 20th, at the metlife stadium, east rutherford, nj07073

so that takes place over 2 days, and is near new york so is going to be a really busy audition, with a lot of people attending, you have to register to the website first though, go there and create your artist account as soon as possible, you have to have this done over a week in advance, so that you can get your artist pass to be able to go to this audition.

so the most important thing if you are wanting to go to this audition is to go over to there website and get your artist account set up in time so that you do not miss your chance to register in time, otherwise you will miss your chance to be able to attend without a artist pass, which you get by registering at the website.

this is also the last of the public auditions this year for the voice 2015 use so you need to be quick or you will miss the chance of auditioning, also read the rules and regulations over at the website so you know what you need to do and take for the audition, though most of this is also explained when you are filling out the voice online application form.

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