Friday, 27 June 2014

the voice usa 2015 start date on television nbc?.

looks like the voice usa 2015 start date back on nbc tv will be probably february, some of the first stage auditions have actually already taken place for the voice 2015, so it is too late to apply for the voice usa now, because they have already completed the early audition stages.

these do not get televised when the voice usa starts up in early 2015, unlike the x factor usa which showed most of the auditions, though also they do not show the first stage auditions or cattle call auditions either, these are done before the producers of these talent shows but not shown on the televised shows.

so you have to get through the early audition rounds to try and get to the televised part, so that has already been done in june for the voice usa, they will still then be processing the auditionee's further with more rounds, to select who appears on the voice usa when it returns to nbc in february.

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